Do you use packet cake mix?
No. No, no, no. All of our cakes, macarons and other tasty treats are baked from scratch, by us, fresh. We do not outsource our baking. Every single ingredient is of the highest quality possible and our eggs are free range, too!

Do you make gluten free cakes?
Some of our cakes can be made gluten friendly, but as our kitchen is not gluten free, we advertise as gluten friendly only.

Can Cake Tree ice and decorate a cake that I have made myself?
Unfortunately, no. As home kitchens are unlicensed, we are unable to decorate cakes that have been made by other people in their own homes. Our recipes have been specially developed to hold up to the weight of decorating and the strain transporting can have on them also.

I have found another baker who bakes from home and they can make my cake so much cheaper.
Cake Tree is not an amateur bakery. And we do not do an amateur job. We also have insurance.  Ultimately you will get what you pay for and if you want quality, taste and a professional service, that is what you will get when you go with us!

Does Cake Tree offer pick up of it’s cakes?
No, we do not. For one simple reason: We are liable for you cake. We will deliver and set up your cake for you with no risk to you!

Does Cake Tree make cakes for LGBTQI couples?
Yes. We welcome everyone no matter who they love.

Does Cake Tree offer cake tasting?
Yes, but only once a quote has been provided. The cost of your sampling box will depend on the number of flavours and frostings you would like to sample and this cost will be deducted from the total cost of your cake once your order is placed.