Please note that for multi-tiered cakes, you can choose a different flavour for each tier at no additional cost. Of course, if you are obsessed with one flavour in particular, feel free to have that one flavour throughout!

Chocolate Mud Cake
A rich, dense chocolate cake, perfect for multi-tiered cakes. Can be made with either dark or milk chocolate. Why not mix it up by adding coffee, strawberries, orange zest or your favourite nuts or candy bars?

White Chocolate Mud Cake
A sweet, dense, white chocolate cake, perfect for multi-tiered cakes. Why not mix it up by adding passion fruit or raspberry.

Caramel Mud Cake
A sweet, dense caramel flavoured cake, perfect for multi-tiered cakes. Why not mix it up by adding chocolate chips and peanuts?

Butter Cake
A moist, light, vanilla cake. Perfect for lovers of traditional vanilla flavours. The batter can be coloured, perfect for rainbow cakes! Why not mix it up with your favourite fruit, nuts or chocolate chips?

Black and White Cake
A light vanilla and chocolate butter cake, swirled together.

Red Velvet Cake
A light chocolate flavoured cake with a dramatic red colour.

Carrot Cake
A delicious, moist carrot cake made with aromatic spices. Nuts and pineapple optional.

Coconut Cake
A delicious, moist cake made with coconut milk. Why not add lime or lemon zest to mix things up?

Raspberry and Hazelnut Cake
A dense, hazelnut flavoured cake mottled with delicious raspberries.

Buttercream, Swiss meringue buttercream or ganache; the choice is yours!

Chose from either white. milk or dark chocolate mixed with cream until smooth and silky.

A fluffy mixture of butter and icing sugar. Buttercream can be flavoured; vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, coconut, lemon. You name it; we will mix it. Buttercream can also be coloured.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream
Our personal favourite! A soft, fluffy and ultimately delicious meringue and butter frosting. It can be flavoured and coloured just like our buttercream frosting.

Optional extras (additional costs may apply)
Have you thought about adding something extra special to your cake? Along with one of the fillings above, we can sandwich the following between each layer of your cake:
– cookie dough
– crushed cookiepieces
– crumbled caramel or chocolate fudge
– free dried raspberries or strawberries
-lemon, lime or passion fruit curd
– salted caramel sauce
– chocolate fudge sauce
– raspberry or strawberry coulis
– your favourite lollies or crushed chocolate bars
– popping candy

Gluten free options available.